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2018 Living Room Trends

2018 is upon us and with it come some great new living room trends. Living rooms, otherwise known as great rooms or family rooms, are where everyone spends most of their time together. Besides the kitchen, they are considered gathering spaces where memories are made. Whatever your style, here are the latest living room trends tailored for different designs and lifestyles.

Jewel Tone Colors

The first living room trend gaining popularity is designing with jewel tone colors. Jewel tone colors provide a very vibrant and colorful palette. The room in the image below has a very happy and playful quality with the jewel tone fabrics, accessories and rug. The rich and opulent colors reflected in the image of the precious and semiprecious stones found in jewelry, hence the name.

jewel tone colors living room trends 2018

Natural Elements

The next trend consists of natural elements used to create a down to earth grounded-ness that is practical and durable for family life. Natural elements are great for a residential interior as they help to promote relaxation.

Think of how relaxing a walk in the woods can feel, well having a coffee table made out of a tree is the next best thing to create that feeling of comfort and relaxation. Including plants and the natural outdoors into the interior view also provides a sense of open and airiness that is good for a calm mind.

Family Room Interior Design   

photo courtesies of Maura Braun Interior Design, Inc


In keeping with natural elements, copper will be a big part of many interiors in 2018 for it’s earth-bound qualities. Not to mention, when heated by the metal fabricator, copper turns many gorgeous colors that then become artwork within the copper.

photo courtesy of MICHEL ARNAUD

I love copper and even created these 2 copper artworks for my home. One is woven strips of copper and the other is copper sheet goods; both of which I heated over the stove to obtain the incredible colors shown here.

photo courtesies of Maura Braun Interior Design, Inc

Black and White

One more trend in living rooms is using a black and white palette for the interior design. Black has always been a great color to use in the design scheme as it pairs well with most colors. When combined with white, black’s powerful presence is balanced out by it’s polar opposite in the absence of color, with white.

black and white colors living room trends 2018


Orb Sculptural Lighting Pieces

The last living room trend of 2018 that I am seeing is with lighting pieces. Lighting is making a statement through sculptural pieces in orb shapes as shown in this ad by West Elm.

orb lighting living room trends 2018

photo courtesy of West Elm

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