4 Ways to Know if an Interior Designer is Right for You

Shopping for an Interior Designer is overwhelming. Shopping for the right Interior Designer is even harder. There are many designers out there who will reel you in with low prices, charismatic personalities or recommendations from influential people. But are these the best reasons to hire that particular designer? Are they right for you and your project? How can you determine a good fit? Here are four key things to look out for when interviewing Interior Designers.

Do They Understand Your Problem

If you are thinking of changing a space in your home there is usually a problem with its current state. Enter the Interior Designer. Their goal should be to discover the problem of the space and provide a solution.

Interior Designers are like doctors. They dissect the symptoms, find the cause and then prescribe a cure. The job of the Interior Designer is much more than picking out colors and fabrics. They should have an intuition into the person who lives in the space, why they dislike it and what needs they have.

Anyone can dress up the look of a space. Changing the way a space feels requires an understanding of who will live in that space and how they want to feel being there. When you are shopping for an Interior Designer, make sure they inquire about why you want to change the space. They should ask questions that give them insight into your feelings and desires about your home, not just about budget or styles.

Do They Offer a Solution

The second part to determining a good fit with an Interior Designer is the solution they provide to your problem. If they have done their job in understanding why you want to change a space, they will be able to articulate ways to meet your needs. They should be specific with their suggestions. “Lets update paint, choose different furniture and change the light fixtures” is fine, but anyone can say that without having a true plan.

Not only should the Interior Designer have specific changes, they should explain why those changes will solve your problem. Changing paint colors just to change them is a waste of your time and money. They should be able to articulate which paint colors would work for your space and why.

Are They Able to Articulate Benefits

Interior Designers are a dime a dozen. Why should you hire this one over that one? When you are interviewing, ask them why you should hire them. If they know their business and have been intentional about building it they will be able to describe their value and benefit to you. Low prices, recommendations and even experience are not reasons to hire them.

Are they able to articulate the benefits their design will bring to you? For example, a new lamp to provide better lighting is a great feature: but why? The benefit to better lighting is to help the client feel energetic and peaceful in the space, instead of groggy and sad.

Always ask how the features they suggest will benefit you. If a design is merely for look or function, then the benefit might not be there and you will end up wasting time and money. A good Interior Designer will know the benefits you are looking for and adjust their solution accordingly.

Do They Appeal to Your Emotions

Lastly, do you feel good about them? Do they speak your language? Do their solutions directly resonate with the problems you wish to solve? Are they considering the benefits a redesign will give their client or just going after looks? Interior Designers should always listen and respond to your feelings about a space.

If you are looking for an Interior Designer, take some time to consider why you want to redesign. Before interviewing make sure you know your space’s problem and the benefits you wish for from the new design. The better you know yourself, your personality and desires, the better an Interior Designer will be able to help.


  1. Ashley Turns on January 11, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    I like how you point out that an interior designer should be able to find the specific problem in the room you’re considering remodeling. My husband and I are considering renovating our kitchen since our appliances are older. Since we’ll want to fix any problems that occur in the kitchen as well, we will definitely have to find an interior designer that will be able to assess any issues found in that room.

  2. Hannah Neilson on January 22, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    I like how you say that you would want to consider the intuition of an interior designer. It would be good to consider this because it would show that they are experienced and qualified. My brother needs an interior designer, so he’ll have to find someone who is qualified.

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