Best Types of Flooring for Luxury Home Remodel

What are the best types of flooring for luxury home remodels?

Not all types of flooring are equal. If you have a luxury home, only particular types of flooring should be considered when planning a remodel. Here are my top picks:

Wood Plank

Wood plank is a beautiful option for flooring in a luxury home. Depending on the particular style of the home, all colors of wood look luxurious. The flooring direction should run perpendicular to floor joists and narrow or wide planks will work.


Tile Flooring

Tile is another great option for luxury home flooring. I always suggest natural stone or porcelain tile. NEVER use ceramic tile,because it chips easily. Using larger tile sizes will have fewer grout joints and this opens up the space and makes it look less busy. It’s also less labor. I recommend these sizes: square size: 16”, 18”, 24” or rectangle size: 6” x 24”, 6” x 36”.

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