Price of a High End Luxury Bathroom Remodel

As a high-end luxury Interior Designer, I get asked all the time how much a luxury bathroom would cost to remodel. Every project is wildly different depending on the client’s wants and needs, but here is a summary of cost from a recent bathroom remodel project I completed.


Construction $10,115
Floor Tile $6,612
Walls Faux Finished $1,500
Closet Walls Paint $300
Ceiling Painted $500
Trim & Doors Painted $450
Custom Cabinetry – Double Vanity, Makeup Vanity, Charging Station $4,250
Granite Countertops $1,950
Medicine Cabinets $1,835
Mirrors $2,145
Ceiling Can Lighting $397
 Bath Ceiling Vent/Light $253
 Closet Light $79
 Electrical Labor $815
 Plumbing Products – 2 Sinks & Faucets, Toilet, Shower Fixtures $5,120
Shower Enclosure $2,430
Towel Bars/TP $1,052
 Counter Accessories $350
 Bath Towels $275
 Chair w/Seat Cushions and Fabric for Cushions $690
 High End Price Point Bathroom/Shower Room/Walk In Closet Total $41,136


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